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  1. 17/12/2019
    Review of the CD '20 Pieces for Solo Lute' on number 370 of Revista Musical Catalana, September-December 2019.
  2. 01/05/2018
    From the CD Review - "20 Pieces for Solo Lute", Sonograma Magazine, 29.04.18.
  3. 19/04/2018
    From the CD Review - "20 Pieces for Solo Lute", on CatClàssics and Diari de Sabadell, 14.04.2018.
  4. 14/04/2017
    Renaissance lute music from popular & famous lute players/composers of the period. Music taken from the original sources (manuscripts, early printed editions...) and/or their official contrasted …
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  5. 01/02/2017
    "An exquisite performance perfumed with operatic nostalgia." David Rodríguez Cerdán, Critic & Musicographer (Scherzo, Academia Magazine)
  6. 18/08/2016
    Saved under: Music
  7. 07/05/2016
    R E N A C E R Gira 2016
    Saved under: Music, Pop
  8. 02/03/2016
    We would tell you: "Go see him. Don't miss him!" But the only 8 performances which were scheduled at the Theatre Gaudí have finished already. When we will be able to listen to him again?
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  • Literature



    Niebla Púrpura (Proyecto Cervantes XXI) The Cervantes XXI project was the codename of a psychiatric program studying psychopathy, their brain reaction and possible eradication, using as human to serial murderers and profile subjects sociopath guinea pigs. This program, used a revolutionary technique of 'narrative psychoanalysis' according to which patients relived her psychotic ecstasy through literary fantasy. Financed by high government circles, the surprising and successful results of Cervantes XXI which the government planned to manipulate the outset, came to constitute such a threat that affected the very concept of society, its structure and idiosyncrasies and the rise of modern slavery , never seen in the history of mankind ... "Now, after that explosive release of pent-up anger and frustration, he felt alive again. And as it may, that powerful feeling of fullness that had not felt since his childhood days, he made up for having sunk his soul in hell forever. '(Purple Rain, Cervantes Project XXI) Carlos Naranjo Santana (Carl NASA) His personal style could be defined as influences-s romantic Gothic literature. XVIII-XIX (Lewis, Poe, Shelley, Bécquer, Larra ...) and modern literature (Lovecraft, Bukowski, Huxley, Orwell, Burgess ...).In other matters, their interest in scientific criminology and anthropology has resulted in sum, his purple prima'Niebla opera: Cervantes Project XXI 'in which the author, combines all the above plus a marked cinephile character, which is very present in his work getting in their stories a fusion of a deep decadent realism, with constant winks dream.

    Price: 19,00€

  • Literature


    Carme Ballús

    After "Behind closed doors" Carme Ballús has published his second volume of short stories, entitled "Love, let me sleep." Most of the eighteen stories that explore the territory vital component of old age, often with a critical and sarcastic. The collection portrays situations in which we are all one day and, in general, do not like to light: small meanness, physical fragility, loneliness, abuse. It also shows the love, solidarity and tenderness. Carme Ballús tales seem to be a window through which to observe subtle portrait of the realities nearby and often not even grasp until someone, like her, puts us in shape before the eyes of history . In the hands of the stories we approach characters that can be us or our relatives, neighbors or friends. We read and we are recognize as a mirror in which we tried to leave the room of forgotten junk. His prose clear and sincere, not without humor, traps us and makes us think. They read stories drinks in quiet moments

    Price: 14,90€

  • Music

    To Gabriel Ferrater, poet

    Joan Artigas

    The presentation concert of de work  that the singer will record in spring: Ten songs on poems by Gabriel Ferrater. The concert is completed with songs on poems by Pere Quart, Joan Salvat Papasseit and S. Espriu. All original musics  by Joan Artigas.Tthe pianist Sergi Sirvent, bassist Artur Regada  and percussionist Martí Hosta also play with the singer

    Price: 800,00€

  • Music

    400 años de ensueño, más allá del tiempo y el espacio

    HISAKO Hiseki

    Hisako Hiseki gathers the most outstanding of the Spanish and Japanese contemporary music. It is the first work she interprets compositors of her native country. 20 pieces where works by Akira Ifukube or Miyoshi converge with the music of Albéniz, Granados, Mompou or Monstsalvatge, achieving joining two seemingly remote cultures. This CD is supported by BBVA Fundation and it counts with the distinction of official project of Año Dual España-Japón granted by Japan Embassy. Tracklist [1] – [9] Frederic Mompou (1983 – 1987): Impresiones Íntimas. [10] Xavier Montsalvatge (1912 – 2002): Berceuse a la memoria de Óscar Esplá. [11] – [13] Xavier Montsalvatge (1912 – 2002): Tres divertimentos sobre temas de autores olvidados. [14] Enric Granados (1867 – 1916): Allegro de concierto. [15] Isaac Albéniz (1860 – 1909): Pavana – Capricho. [16] Akira Miyoshi (1933): En vers. [17] – [20] Akira Ifukube (1914 – 2006): Piano Suite.   Also available in iTunes and Corte Inglés

    Price: 11,99€

  • Music

    Four Little Dream Songs

    HISAKO Hiseki

    We Japanese people love nature, we learn from it and we live with it knowing perhaps his menacing force. Stations in Japan are very marked. Especially spring and autumn that are longer than in Europe, and we enjoy them as very pleasant seasons. I have selected these pieces to convey that feeling. As shown in the title of each piece, in them there are expressed impressions of the 4 seasons in Japan , but it can also be interpreted in a loving way. List of songs:  [1] Dream Song on May [2] Distorted Waltz on August [3] Dream Song on November [4] Lullaby More information here Also available in iTunes

    Price: 3,59€

  • Music

    intimate views

    Quim Bonal

    CD winner in the Departament of Culture in the Generalitat of Catalunya. Works by Mompou, Wort, Blancafort and Cazurra

    Price: 12,00€