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  • V I O L E T T A C U R R Y

    Music ➤ Singers, Teachers ➤ Jazz

    Art and Awareness

    Violetta Curry is a jazz singer that realizing the importance of the voice, she has done various projects for personal growth throught the voice aside of her singer and musical activities 

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  • Conxita Garcia

    Music ➤ Musical conducting ➤ Lyrical, Choir music, Opera / Dance hall, Oratorio, Traditional

    Conxita Garcia. Choir and Orchestra conductor. At present she is the Assistant Chorus Director at the Chorus and the Orchestra of the “Liceu Opera Barcelona” (Opera House in Barcelona).

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  • Marta Corcho

    Visual arts ➤ Digital Art, Graphic Design

    Art and Awareness

    My name is Marta Corcho. I am a Digital Artist.

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  • Cristina Viñas

    Art-Associated Services ➤ Coaching, Cultural Industries, Management

    Art and Awareness

    How I can help? I am a cultural promoter and creator of this website. But, especially, I am also Polarity therapist and artistic coach. For any blockages or problems, do not hesitate: call me please!

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  • TRIVIUM, cultural management

    Art-Associated Services ➤ Cultural Industries, Training, Management, Event organisers, Developers

    Literature ➤ Literary workshops

    Theatre ➤ Actors

    Circus, Illusion, Street Arts ➤ Storytellers, Street groups, Magicians, Clowns, Puppeteers

  • Music ➤ Auditoriums / Halls / Venues, Composition ➤ Classical, Classical-Contemporary


    Music ➤ Auditoriums / Halls / Venues, Singers, Composition ➤ Pop, Musical Theatre

    Cantante internacional español de estilo intimista.

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  • Isabel Franc / Lola Van Guardia

    Literature ➤ Narrative Authors , Literary workshops, Comics


    Isabel Franc, also known as Lola Van Guardia, was born in Barcelona. She is a writer specialized in the humorous genre, comic's scriptwriter and teacher at the Escola d'Escriptura of the Ateneu Barcelonès where she gives courses about humorous literature.

  • emboscall

    Literature ➤ Essay Authors, Playwrights, Children's Literature Authors, Narrative Authors , Poetry Authors , Literary critique, Editorials, Bookstores, Journals, Literary workshops

    We are serving literary creation.

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  • Sandra Bruna Literary Agency

    Art-Associated Services ➤ Cultural Industries

    Literature ➤ Literary agents

    More intormation:

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  • Efrem Garcia Salinas


    No specialisation of a versatile musician as a challenge of true growing and professional and vital enjoyment.

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  • andre pace

    Visual arts

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  • Visual arts ➤ Drawing, Sculpture, Painting

    Mar P. Sureda ( Palma de Mallorca, 1995)


    Graduada en Bellas Artes por la Universidad Barcelona, completa su formación

    en Venecia y Mallorca. Su trabajo se centra en la pintura al óleo, el dibujo y la exploración de lenguajes expresivos vehiculares pasando por la fotografía o la instalación.


    Ha participado en exposiciones colectivas en Barcelona, Mallorca, Venecia, Menorca y Girona. En noviembre de 2016 realiza la muestra individual en la galería Ciutadà Il·legal en Portol, Mallorca. En Abril del 2017 en Calabria 66, Barcelona. 


    Actualmente compagina sus procesos y proyectos de creación con los estudios pedagógicos en las artes visuales, cursando el master de Artes visuales y educación, un enfoque construcionista en la Universidad de Barcelona y con la docencia  en el Atelier Sant Gervasi, donde imparte clases de pintura. 

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  • Joan Artigas

    Music ➤ Singers, Composition ➤ Pop

    Joan Artigas is a singer and composer. Touch the Spanish guitar, electric guitar, lute and mandolin.

    He has performed solo and as part of various groups of traditional music and pop-rock bands.

    Currently he performs his songs concerts in Catalonia and  traditional Aragonese music concerts in Aragon.

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  • Coral Càrmina

    Music ➤ Vocal groups, Weddings ➤ Choir music, Oratorio

    Founded in 1972 by maestro Jordi Casas y Bayer, choir Carmina has become a reference in the world of Catalan choir the last 40 years. Since 2013, Daniel Maestro is the director.

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  • Associació Amics de la Música de Valls


    The Associació Amics de la Música de Valls i Joventuts Musicals de l'Alt Camp is born to the service of our city and the close regions with the goal of make easier the access of all citizens to symphonic music and making special attention to cultural invigoration and educational activities.

  • Opera de San Miguel


    Ópera de San Miguel, A.C., is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to identifying and encouraging, through professional grants and performance opportunities, the most talented and promising young opera singers in Mexico, and in the process enriching and perpetuating the musical and artistic life of our community. Our iconic event is Concurso San Miguel, held each March.

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  • Gina Pont

    Visual arts ➤ Digital Art, Drawing

    Literature ➤ Editorials

    Hi! I'm Gina Pont, an illustrator and designer.

    Urban Sketcher specialized in ink and watercolor. I use Procreate to digitalize my drawings.

    I'm continuesly exploring new techniques.

    I'm interested in the editorial field.

    Feel free to contact me.

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    Music ➤ Vocal groups, Singers, Instrumental groups, Instrumentalists, Pianists, Teachers, Weddings ➤ Ancient, Classical, Classical-Contemporary, Gospel, Lyrical, Choir music, Opera / Dance hall, Oratorio, Religious, Musical Theatre


    Pianist - Accompanist - Piano teacher-

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  • Nina Tokhtaman Valetova

    Visual arts ➤ Painting

    Metaphysical realism, fantasy and visionary art

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