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Marta Fiol

Marta Fiol is a singer and a music and voice therapist.

Marta Fiol is a professional soprano and teacher of vocal technique and expression, who emphazises not only the searching out of your own sound and the links between body, breath, voice, and emotions, but also the development of creativity and pleasure in vocal performing and singing improvisation.  As a performing artist, Marta is very interested in modern classical singing cabaret recitals and shows as well as performances with interdisciplinary arts.

As a singer she has been always committed to contemporary music, singing premières of several composers. She has performed the main role in various operas (“La voix humaine”, “Le pauvre Matelot”,... She has also worked in musical theatre: “Sweeney Todd” (dir. Mario Gas), “Candide” (dir. X. Albertí), “El Retaule del Fautista” (dir. J.Ll. Bozzo), “Boccato di Cardinale” (dir. Comediants, Joan Font, etc).

She can be heard on CD’s from “Columna Música”, “Ars Harmonica”, and “Kamalundu. Marta’s curiosity about the links between voice, music and different aspects of communication has led her to publish books and to produce and direct educational shows (currently for the Palau de la Música Catalana). As well as at the Eolia Theatre School, Marta teaches Fitzmaurice Voicework in a Dalcroze Training Program and is introducing the work to teachers in Compulsory Education and in her private coaching actors, sessions with singers, teachers, and business people. She is also studying Feldenkrais.