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Joan Artigas

Joan Artigas is a singer and composer. Touch the Spanish guitar, electric guitar, lute and mandolin.

He has performed solo and as part of various groups of traditional music and pop-rock bands.

Currently he performs his songs concerts in Catalonia and  traditional Aragonese music concerts in Aragon.

Born in Barcelona in 1956. He is a singer and composer. Spanish plays guitar, electric guitar, lute and mandolin.
He lived ten years in Zaragoza where he began his artistic career at sixteen.
He began singing solo but was also part of traditional music groups and dance bands: Fog, The Band Patricia.
He emphasized to put music to poems by Catalan poets of all time, especially Pere Quart, Salvador Espriu and Joan Salvat Papasseït Ferrater.
On his return to Barcelona continues its work with composer who combines his teaching.
He has also been part of several theater groups as actor: Spill group of actors; The secret theater company; Mirasol theater. He has also worked as an actor with the group of classical music with the Ensemble Tactum debuted as an actor, Soldier's Tale.
Now part of the pop-rock band Cherish Podu Band and various musical performances from the hand of the pianist Sergi Sirvent and clarinetist Paul Domenech: Remembering Peter wanted; Espriu company, one hundred years.
Also performs popular music concerts Aragonese Aragon.
His latest project is "A Ferrater poet"


  • Music

    To Gabriel Ferrater, poet

    The presentation concert of de work  that the singer will record in spring: Ten songs on poems by Gabriel Ferrater. The concert is completed with songs on poems by Pere Quart, Joan Salvat Papasseit and S. Espriu. All original musics  by Joan Artigas.Tthe pianist Sergi Sirvent, bassist Artur Regada  and percussionist Martí Hosta also play with the singer

    Price: 800,00€

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