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Associació Amics de la Música de Valls

The Associació Amics de la Música de Valls i Joventuts Musicals de l'Alt Camp is born to the service of our city and the close regions with the goal of make easier the access of all citizens to symphonic music and making special attention to cultural invigoration and educational activities.


As an entity without profit we work, since the year 2006, with the goal of waking up the interest of the Valls' people for music and practice the related activities, far from any discrimination, and looking for a respectful society which is also interested for the cultural identity of each one of them.

That's why, we guarantee to the Valls' people a steady musical offer, in different series and assorted for all the public, which includes classical music performed by musicians and groups of recognised international prestige, and it also takes in young musicians born in the region of Alt Camp in the beginning of their art studies. This way, prioritizing the spreading of the world of music related to the performers or composers originate in or related to Valls and to Camp de Tarragona, we give service and collaborate with the nearest artistic and cultural network.

Besides, we put special attention to the young people who, until they become eighteen years old, can attend concerts for free; and to retired people, who can do it with reduced prices.