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Niebla Púrpura (Proyecto Cervantes XXI)

The Cervantes XXI project was the codename of a psychiatric program studying psychopathy, their brain reaction and possible eradication, using as human to serial murderers and profile subjects sociopath guinea pigs. This program, used a revolutionary technique of 'narrative psychoanalysis' according to which patients relived her psychotic ecstasy through literary fantasy.
Financed by high government circles, the surprising and successful results of Cervantes XXI which the government planned to manipulate the outset, came to constitute such a threat that affected the very concept of society, its structure and idiosyncrasies and the rise of modern slavery , never seen in the history of mankind ...

"Now, after that explosive release of pent-up anger and frustration, he felt alive again. And as it may, that powerful feeling of fullness that had not felt since his childhood days, he made up for having sunk his soul in hell forever. '(Purple Rain, Cervantes Project XXI)

Carlos Naranjo Santana (Carl NASA)
His personal style could be defined as influences-s romantic Gothic literature. XVIII-XIX (Lewis, Poe, Shelley, Bécquer, Larra ...) and modern literature (Lovecraft, Bukowski, Huxley, Orwell, Burgess ...).In other matters, their interest in scientific criminology and anthropology has resulted in sum, his purple prima'Niebla opera: Cervantes Project XXI 'in which the author, combines all the above plus a marked cinephile character, which is very present in his work getting in their stories a fusion of a deep decadent realism, with constant winks dream.

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    With professional degree in classical guitar at the Conservatory of Las Palmas de G.C. and graduated in 'Plucked instruments Renaissance and Baroque' by the Madrid Royal Conservatory (RCSMM), began his forays into the old music with Carlos Oramas, Juan Carlos de Mulder and Juan Nieto.

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