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Carme Ballús


I write short stories, micro-stories and opinion articles. So far I have published two collections of short stories "Behind closed doors" and "Love, let me sleep," the collection "marcòlic" the editorial Alpina. My micro blog can be found at J.Masó blog "La bona confitura" I also published a novel joint authorship "L'Artefacte" (The device).

My name is Carme Ballús, i am born in Granollers, near Barcelona. Literature has been my passion since inveterate reader as a child, as a teacher of literature throughout professional life as a writer of fiction lately. I do not know what my life would have been without books, I do not know nor imagine, but surely would have been tasteless. With them I learned a lot and I've had magnificently well.

The infatuation for reading led me to study philology. I watched with great respect for writers, those men and women who were able to create worlds and characters, I think that's why I have a hard time deciding me to take the step to show what I wore on and write my own stories. For fifty years I enrolled at the School of Writing the Barcelona Athenaeum, and the courses that I did and I had teachers who gave me the push to introduce myself to contests and to publish.
I imagine a story from what impresses me for whatever reason, then I hope to communicate something to others. Then. Writing is, I think, my most sincere act. Not necessarily biographic, but sincere, bare essentials. So my latest book of short stories, "Love, let me sleep," explores the vital area of aging, sometimes tender, often inhospitable.



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    After "Behind closed doors" Carme Ballús has published his second volume of short stories, entitled "Love, let me sleep." Most of the eighteen stories that explore the territory vital component of old age, often with a critical and sarcastic. The collection portrays situations in which we are all one day and, in general, do not like to light: small meanness, physical fragility, loneliness, abuse. It also shows the love, solidarity and tenderness. Carme Ballús tales seem to be a window through which to observe subtle portrait of the realities nearby and often not even grasp until someone, like her, puts us in shape before the eyes of history . In the hands of the stories we approach characters that can be us or our relatives, neighbors or friends. We read and we are recognize as a mirror in which we tried to leave the room of forgotten junk. His prose clear and sincere, not without humor, traps us and makes us think. They read stories drinks in quiet moments

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