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Four Little Dream Songs

We Japanese people love nature, we learn from it and we live with it knowing perhaps his menacing force. Stations in Japan are very marked. Especially spring and autumn that are longer than in Europe, and we enjoy them as very pleasant seasons. I have selected these pieces to convey that feeling. As shown in the title of each piece, in them there are expressed impressions of the 4 seasons in Japan , but it can also be interpreted in a loving way.

List of songs: 

[1] Dream Song on May
[2] Distorted Waltz on August
[3] Dream Song on November
[4] Lullaby

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El perfil de l'artista:

  • HISAKO Hiseki

    Music ➤ Pianists ➤ Classical, Classical-Contemporary

    Japanese pianist of international fame, living in Barcelona, specializing in Spanish music and favorite disciple of the great concert pianist Alicia de Larrocha.