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Maria Amorós

Graduated in the interpretation of viola, Maria Amorós has been combining for many years his passion for music with illustration and the visual arts. Although music has always been his main vocation, she recently decided to professionalize this facet that kept in the background and put it at the service of musicians in the form of exclusive illustrations that communicate sensitivity.

It all started when a colleague asked her if she could paint a silk pajama with violin illustrations as a gift for a student hers. In a short time, the original commission was followed by many others, until today, where their creations can already be found in several specialized stores or commissioned personalized through her website.



After completing my degree in viola performance at ESMuC (Catalonia’s Superior School for Music) with Enrique Santiago (2008) followed by a diploma in Advanced Performance with Yuval Gotlibovich at Liceu Superior Conservatoire (2009), my professional activity began to diversify, thus complicating the answer to the often-asked question what do you do?

- I'm a professional violist. Further to my formal education, I have participated in different viola and chamber music courses, like those of Music in Compostela and the International Music Courses of Tarragona. I have also been part of several orchestras, both young and professionals, such as Camera MusicaeVila-seca Chamber OrchestraMaribor International OrchestraTeatre Instrumental... some of which I continue to perform with in the present day.

- I am a violin, viola and first-stage in music teacher. Having taught for some years now, I still take my classes with the same passion and enthusiasm of the first day, as I firmly believe that to teach is to learn.

- I produce multidisciplinary shows for children and adults. I was fortunate enough as to find an incredible team of artists with whom we started the companies Mots de Fusta and De Moment Fantàstics, performing shows throughout the country.

- I draw, illustrate and design. Everything started with commissions from friends and family and, before I knew it, it took me over. As of today, I've received many different orders, and the array of products I design keeps growing.

Luckily the question why, would be easier to answer:

- For love. Love for things well done, for the art, for the land, for colleagues and pupils, for friends, for the family... love for life itself.