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Oasi al Mar

Oasi al Mar is a project born from the desire of the singer Carreras Gemma and pianist Pol Oñate to travel and discover new sounds, new melodies. The sea, a great source of inspiration for many musicians, stands as a link between the songs, language and culture of the different countries where we travel.

Now Amars, cançons d'amor i mar, is their new journey through the sea legends of Costa Brava.

Oasi al Mar is the search for unknown paths, small strokes of each culture that we discover and they draw new routes to share with the public. This is the way we see and show the world, through songs, songs with popular roots, which over the years gets close to melodies and harmonies typical of instrumental music. This project is close and intimate, and can be played by the duet or quartet.

Amars, cançons d'amor i mar

In early 2015 Pol and Gemma created the original music for Amars, a show of theater, music and dance, based on the sea legends of Costa Brava. They were awarded with the grant L’Hermós de Cultura Popular i Cant d’Havaneres organized by Institut de Promoció Econòmica de Palafrugell, in order to promote the creation of new shows based on tavern songs and more specifically, Habaneras.

The show premiered on July 5th as part of the Habanera Festival of Calella,. Later they recorded the songs composed for the show in their new album " Amars, cançons d’amor i mar" and the tour will start in March 2016.