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Silvia Comes

Singer-songwriter in Spanish and Catalan, linked to the fields of the author song and poetry.

She started her professional career in the theatre world, and with the singer-songwriter Lluís Llach on the two tours Un pont de mar Blava and Núvol Blanc.

She has collaborated with many artists as Jackson Browne, Sopa de Cabra, Ester Formosa, Carles Cases, Pep Munné, Joan Isaac, Luis Eduardo Aute...

She has published 4 CDs: Sílvia Comes & Lídia Pujol, Al entierro de una hoja seca van dos caracoles, Faro –as author and composer- and Fuertes – with her music on the poetry by Gloria Fuertes -.

Her speech works, we can find them in the documentaries Nosotras que contamos by Tve, 1711 El Setge by tv3, and the last one about the life and work of Carlos Barral by tv3.

To theatrical shows and to cinema, she composes, writes and places her voice: she works with the poetry of authors like J.Gil de Biedma, Cernuda, Goytisolo, Whitman, Blake, Espriu, Joan Vinyoli... She is the creator of shows with poetry like Escrito en el agua; Van pasando mujeres; Aparaulades, and Esperit de Vinyoli, with the poet Sílvia Bel Fransi. In 2013 she is invited as the first woman singer-songwriter of the Spanish State, to the Festival of Woman Singer-songwriters of Nicaragua. Nowadays, she is touring for Europe with 'Cançons d'Amor i Anarquia', and with the show 'Esperit de Vinyoli', for which she composed the songs. She is also touring with Comes Love, show of the love songs from her 30 years of career. FUERTES, awarded with the Best Concert Barnasants, it's her new recording work.