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  1. 08/09/2015
    The return from holidays also marks the start of a new school year. And after the summer interval, the Promoartyou's team is back with a lot of attitude and more energy than ever. It is with this …
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  2. 07/08/2015
    Today we welcome two furniture transformers, Ana Herrero and Dolors Vallbona who have created a little enterprise named "Bois Joli". They explain it in this way: "To give a second chance to an …
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  3. 12/02/2015
    The past Tuesday 3 February, at the cultural centre "Can Fabra" of Sant Andreu (Barcelona), was opened the exhibition "Frederic Viñals, painter of the essences of Sant Andreu" which gathers a …
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  4. 15/12/2014
    Helped by the artist Marta Corcho, Promoartyou wants to desire you a new year with a lot of work and success!
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  5. 11/12/2014
    Roser Atmetlla thinks about Creativity and Education due to the article published in this magazine "Helsinki's Musiikkitalo welcomes Ala Voronkova". As an artist herself and also as a Philosophy …
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  6. 10/12/2014
    The violinist performed The 24 Caprices of Paganini in front of an audience who applauded delighted.
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  7. 15/10/2014
    22 years ago, Ukrainian Alan Voronkova chose our country, Spain, as her place to settle down. We have got this fortune, and from here we want to express our gratitude to this great master for all …
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  8. 29/09/2014
    The Worldwide Digital Library was opened in Paris and it is currently online since 2009. It is not a current new but we think it is an initiative very valuable.
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  9. 25/09/2014
    You can do it! Post here freely your articles, events, concerts, exhibitions, projects, ... Because PROMOARTYOU is a few things. View:
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  10. 19/09/2014
    Hisako Hiseki is a Japanese piano performer who has lived with us for over 30 years and has devoted her career to the study and interpretation of the music of such artists as Granados, Albéniz, …
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  11. 17/08/2014
    On Saturday 26th July 2014 we made way to Alt Empordà, to Sant Pere Pescador, to attend one of the many concerts in the numerous Summer Festivals organized along the Catalan Coast. In search for …
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  12. 29/11/2013
    The Joan Miró Foundation is showing “Before the Horizon”, an exhibition that we highly recommend.
  13. 25/10/2013
    Art shouldn’t have frontiers.
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  14. 16/10/2013
    A Nobel Prize for a life.
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  15. 14/10/2013
    Promoartyou is designed with a dual objective: to obtain a high degree of participation and a lot of visits.
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  16. 11/10/2013
    Hire a showcase from Promoartyou and you can also sell your work, whether this involves jewellery, sculptures, crafts, designs, courses, concerts, projects or anything else you think of.
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  17. 08/10/2013
    The article published in the magazine automatically appears on the Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google, etc. of the portal and, if required, on the platforms of the artists themselves.
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  18. 06/10/2013
    We have a pool of programmers, concert halls, exhibition rooms, etc. that can also be registered members of Promoartyou.
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  19. 02/10/2013
    Promoartyou is both a social and a professional network. The news that artists publish on it can be visited and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. by all registered artists.
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  20. 30/09/2013
    Promoartyou is also a digital diary. The news and articles that artists publish can be commented on and rated by the general public.
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  21. 27/09/2013
    Our portal has a website for each artist or company; a multimedia space where you can select the way you are promoted.
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  22. 25/09/2013
    At Promoartyou, the artists promote themselves through articles and news and the exhibiting of works, repertoires and performances, etc.
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  23. 23/09/2013
    We were designed for integration: all individuals or companies dealing in art and culture and all artistic disciplines are welcome.
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  24. 21/09/2013
    Because we believe a priority of any artist to be promotion.
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  25. 05/08/2013
    Our platform has been designed to change the current panorama of artist promotion.
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