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Welcome to the great pianist HISAKO HISEKI as a new member of Promoartyou!


Hisako Hiseki is a Japanese piano performer who has lived with us for over 30 years and has devoted her career to the study and interpretation of the music of such artists as Granados, Albéniz, Falla, Mompou, Montsalvatge ...

One day about 20 years ago, when I was working as archivist of the sheet music library at the Palau de la Música Catalana (The Modernist Concert Hall in Barcelona), a Japanese girl came asking for permission to see and consult the manuscripts of  the Suite Iberia by Isaac Albéniz. She had all the necessary permissions and all the recommendations of the whole musical world. It was Hisako Hiseki who was studying meticulously and researching the work from Albéniz directly from its source.

Fate caused a meeting between us more than two decades after. Now she is a renowned artist, who has recorded eight CDs with the works of the great composers of the "Spanish music". A master. We would almost say a "messenger", sent to get to know and be able to recreate in a masterly manner the works by Granados, Albéniz and Falla, whose scores are so rich, difficult and passionate.

We have listened to her CDs and attended her concerts. And we have seen the reason why, not for nothing, the great pianist Mistress Alicia de Larrocha considered her her favorite disciple, and made her the heir of her legacy.

Hisako Hiseki is Japanese, yes. But her interpretations of the Spanish composers are truly fantastic and so tied to their passion, rapture and tradition as if she really had been born in this country. Without a doubt.

However, maybe there is something that Hisako Hiseki can bring us genuinely from the Rising Sun. We are alluding to the precise, flawless, clean and virtuous technique that she shows compared to some young performers of some prestigious schools, who unfortunately don't care enough about this aspect. We all know that Spanish music has an extreme technical difficulty which, unless it is sufficiently cultivated, may originate a dirty and unfaithful result to the creative genius of the composers.

We are claiming here a podium for Hisako Hiseki as a master. Make her to teach. We have to take advantage of her presence in this country and be nourished by her absolute talent. Because Hisako Hiseki is not just a performer with a indisputable technical ability but also a complete artist. Her sensitivity, her fidelity to the author and her musical intelligence show that this really great pianist is someone really extraordinary who has to be acknowledged for everything that she has done and is going to do for quality music. For the great music.

With the intention of giving her our little welcome tribute in this platform we want to insert a small / large gem. This is the documentary about the recording that Hisako Hiseki made about her eighth album "400 Years of daydream, beyond time and space." An album about Spanish and Japanese music published due to the commemoration of the 400 years of relationship between Spain and Japan.

You will hear the testimony from experts like Miquel Roger, the renowned sound engineer, and you will also see some delicious scenes where the composer Montsalvatge worked with Hisako Hiseki over one of his works, which fortunately have remained for posterity.

We invite you, then, to see this film and know a little better this exemplary woman and artist.


Cristina Viñas

Director Promoartyou




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