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What is Holosíntesis and how it can help artists?

Archangel Jophiel, patron of artists.
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We are very pleased that "HOLOSINTESIS. HOMEOPATHY THROUGH IMAGES" has wanted to be part of the project Promoartyou. We have already had the opportunity to check their beneficial effects and now we want to extend them to all of you.


What is Holosíntesis?

It is a vibrational energy therapy created by Manuel J. Muñoz, industrial engineer, naturopath and kinesiologist. Manuel takes elements of nature, such as medicinal plants, and combines them with mathematical and geometric elements, such as fractals and sacred geometry. Also, taking advantage of their colors and printing some movement in them, it has achieved to create highly evocative images, even artistics, which echo with the cellular memory of our body (as does homeopathy) and end up having a stimulating effect in the balance of the person, improving his physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

So, the Holosíntesis heals?

Like any energy therapy, Holosíntesis balances and reinforces the auto-healing effect that every organism has. This is what we call strenghtening the homeostasis of our system. It helps to focus, get better and heal faster.

How to apply it?

If we apply it in the consultation, we print light through the images and project them on certain points of the body. Outside the consultation, we have created products which, when they are close to the body, they do the desired effect: medallions, wristbands, keychains, pictures, slides that get hooked on different surfaces (glass windows, bottles, ...), carpets, scarves, shirts , etc ...

How can you help artists?

Artists need to be in perfect balance in order to communicate, create, transmit, persuade... They need a lot of confidence, self-esteem and security, while demonstrating a superior sensitivity. This may seem like a contradiction, but it is only a set of well-compensated energy balances. The Holosíntesis is an invaluable aid to the artist. A medallion for the moment when you have to go on stage or at a rehearsal makes you well focused, connected, gives you strength and increases the good vibration for the interpretation. Not to mention balsamic objects like a kerchief for the respiratory system, placed around the throat to protect the voice of singers or actors; or a bracelet or anklet from collagen to heal and protect the joints of the dancers, etc ... There are plenty of products that can help the artist. You only need to get in touch with us and we will help you to find what may suit you better.

Can we count on your cooperation and guidance?

Of course! A benefit from being in Promoartyou is that, periodically, we will publish news which refer to art and artists and we will show to everyone the products that we think could have a direct application. In addition, we also consider ourselves as artists. A few weeks ago, Manuel made an exhibition of prints and paintings created with Holosíntesis. Soon we will do a reportage. The Holosíntesis is visually beautiful, artistic. The Holosíntesis is art too.

And today, since it is the beginning, do you want to leave us with any of your images?

Yes, today to begin or to "open" our collaboration here, what would come more to the point is the Holosíntesis of the Archangel Jophiel: Jophiel "Beauty of God" is the patron of artists. It helps to appreciate beauty, to create and to attract beauty around us. His energy is beautiful, peaceful, positive, fun and enjoyable.

We leave you in good company.


Thank you, Manuel and Mercè!


Cristina Viñas

Director of Promoartyou




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