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"SEVILLA MY LOVE" The project of... MARTA CORCHO. Digital Artist

Marta Corcho
First Prize winner Poster

Did you know that Martha Corcho is a digital artist who lately, each year, wins a state contest of poster design ? Yes. A pro of digital design that puts many of her works for sale and available to everyone. Promoartyou is proud to have her in its directory and to present her latest project in an interview format.


Promoartyou Questionnaire:

    — How many years have you been doing digital art?
    — About eleven or twelve years.
    — Where did you get the urge to draw and paint?
    — From my childhood. I have a sister who is an artist, and she introduced me in that world.
    — Who taught you?
    — Myself. I could not go to any art school. Everything was by watching and wanting to learn.
    — As a digital artist, what do you think is your strength?
    — The digital image "image processing".
    — If you were born again, what would you be?
    — For my character ... ..I would still be an artist, whatever it is.
    — Do you think artists can contribute with something to society, to the world in which we live nowadays?  
    — Of course, WITH EVERYTHING !!!! A world without artists would be serious, boring and very dark.
    — What is missing in your country concerning digital art?
    — To appreciate more the artist's work.


Marta, please tell us about your latest project:

— What is "Sevilla my love"? 

— "Sevilla My Love" is a poster art collection which includes 15 works. It can be viewed as how the great divas of celluloid "are going to the Show", leading to funny scenes portrayed with great detail ... bullfighting icons share space with carnations, fans, castanets and other reference traditional Sevillian motifs. 

— Where did come from this idea? What was your goal? 

—  I had to prepare a presentation which had to be something with Sevillian motifs, so this was the result. The goal was to make something original and fun. 

— Big Hollywood artists in Sevillian style ... Which ones have you chosen and why? 

— Marlene is one of my favorites along with Garbo. And Monroe will always be in my work ... I adore her !!! She appears in all my Christmas cards as the main focus. Another favorite of mine is Katharine Hepburn ...

— But you never use her. You put Audrey Hepburn.

— You have to adapt to the icons that most of people like. Although I love all of them, I had to choose among the actresses that most of people know and, therefore, more vendible. In my opinion, I would have put someone else like Carole Lombard or Hedy Lamarr, but in my country I would have not sold any of them. I am fascinated by Hedy Lamarr's intelligence and beauty. If we have internet is thanks to her because she invented the forerunner technology to wifi. And it is a fact that few people know. That's why I spoil her so much (I often add her in my posters). The sad thing was her ending ... She died alone and blind ... With such beautiful eyes she had. Poor thing!

— What kind of technique have you used to get this result? 

— Collage technique and painting the photographies, in order to give them the appearance of a painted work. 

— In "Sevilla my love" there is humor ... Humor is a constant element in your work? What is the public reaction? 

— This humor is a part of me. In my works you may see my mood and very deep feelings ... My designs tend to talk a lot about my personality.

— What do you think should be the destination of "Sevilla my love"? Museums, exhibitions, a house's dining room... 

— Anywhere where people can value and appreciate it. 

To what kind of audience is adressed your work? 

— To everyone. I think that the Hollywood issue is usually very liked by both young and more mature people . 

— What other projects have you done? 

— All kinds of posters. For film festivals, festivals, fairs, Easter, etc.

— You also have won several poster competitions ... 

— Yes, a few ones. I will only mention to you a few ones, as Seminci Festival (three times), Fecinema Festival, Festes de Sants (twice), Doñana Film Festival, etc.

— Do you have any other work in perspective? 

— I'm currently working in poster designs. 

Could you give me three reasons for why would you recommend your project? 

— Because they give a touch of color to your home, and because they transmit positivism and joy. 

— What we have not asked you but you would like to tell us? 

— Well, "Sevilla my love" is not my single project. 

 You can visit my website and my blog (Sins of Glamour) where you can see my other works about the artists of Hollywood: 

Also on my blog "Glamour Patchworks" you can see my other posters designs, totally different to the works of Hollywood artists, because I sometimes need to disconnect from them. And I like to design another kind of deeper subjects in which I feel very comfortable. Other works more spiritual and esoteric. 


See all works included  in "Sevilla my Love" 

Marta Corcho puts their works for sale. With Digital Art, copies and affordable price are possible.  His works are available for those individuals that want to acquire. And for those who want to schedule an exhibition (art galleries, cultural centres, bars, restaurants, ...) 

Both may contact the artist through OUR SHOWROOM, email or facebook




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