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Do you know the Worldwide Digital Library?

1932 Group of Circus Performers
Manuscript of Columbus

The Worldwide Digital Library was opened in Paris and it is currently online since 2009. It is not a current new but we think it is an initiative very valuable.

The Worldwide Digital Library is promoted by UNESCO and other organizations. It contains the best universal culture relics. From the texts where Cristobal Colom described the lands he discovered to a images book about chrysanthemums, a flower imported to Japan between the VIII and IX century. In conclusion, you can find a lot of things: maps, photographies, magazines, movies, newspapers and manuscripts from everywhere and every century in human's history.

The document's explanation has been translated to seven languages, amongst them Spanish, English and French. Also, the search's method is very organized so it is easy to visit it. That's why, even though it is clearly an essential site for students, we think it is also very interesting for amateur people.

We encourage you to visit it!

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