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MUSICAL PRESENT: "Four Little Dream Songs", four beautiful Japanese songs.


Hisako Hiseki launches her ninth work. In this work she gives special attention to Takashi Yoshimatsu, another Japanese artist. This record will be only available in a digital version.


Hisako Hiseki explains us why she has chosen this songs and what is their meaning

"We, Japanese people, love nature, we coexist with her, learning from her and knowing her threatening strength. Japanese seasons are very marked. Specially spring and autumn. They are longer than in Europe and we enjoy them as very pleasant seasons. I have chosen this songs to transmit this sensibility that we, the people who have been raised there, have. As the title of each song displays, each of them expresses the sensations of the fourth japanese seasons. Apart of that, they can be interpreted with a loving meaning. The composer is still alive but he doesn't like contemporary music because he thinks it's difficult to understand it. He gives a lot of importance to melody and he expresses every piano tone in a special way. 

  • Track 1

Spring: In May, after cherry blossom, the new green leaves appear. In addition, spring is a season with new beginnings. It is for that reason that you can hear bright wishes and also a bit of insecurity.

  • Track 2

Summer: A strong light and an intense green. The nuisance of Japanese summer's high humidity it is expressed with an irregular waltz of ternary and binary time.

  • Track 3

 Autumn: We call it "gathering season". It is wraped in a fantastic scenery of red and yellow trees. We can hear this beauty and also a bit of sadness because winter is coming.

  • Track 4

Winter: The calm of winter in a world that becomes silvery, and sometimes covered with snow. It's a lullaby as sweet as the image of a little sprout in the middle of the cold winter.


You can download these songs in the following digital stores.

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