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Gone with the wind

The book before (top left corner) and after the restoration (right bottom corner). Photomontage of the two original images.
Left: Before restoration. Detail of the gilt tail edge. Right: After restoration. The velvet has been replaced, keeping the original decorative elements.
Binding: A plastic template (1st image) that was previously made on the disassembling is used as a guide. New velvet and original decoration pieces are added simultaneously.

I don’t like much having war books, but I must admit that this one is particularly beautiful. The velvet binding seemed to me a challenging issue on the restoration, which did not have major complications besides this. I show the restoration of this book because of the headaches it has given me when solving the lost areas, the wooden work. The considerable losses on a laborious woodcarving work, and the lack of originals of many of the missing pieces fairly complicated the subject (the shields on the corners were different).

Restoration of the "War atlas" from the Military History and Culture Center (Barcelona).

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