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Thanks to the public (and specially to those who were left without an entrance)

Thanks for having said YES to culture

Soon it will be one week from the concert "WE LOVE MOZART" that I had the luck to perform with my friend and pianist Carles Puig.

As I do recitals in this world I realize that I can be really annoying about diffusion. I don't consider myself better or worse than anyone, and I don't think at any moment that my act on that day has to be the correct choice for going to see me.

Simply it is one more offer, that can be offered to a city, but it is always something that I have studied and thought about with lot of affection and with all the respect to the authors who form the repertoire. I believe a lot in what I do and I especially believe in the bet that a lot of theatres, community centers, museums, and other artistic and cultural promoters do.

But I also think in the big number of times where, with symbolic prices or even free entrance, people doesn't move at all.

We all want culture but sometimes we are the first ones who don't want to leave our house.

We have to go out and enjoy the offers in the cities. It's the only way we will be able to say YES to culture.

From this modest text, I want to thank the professionals from the "Auditori del complex de Fort Pienc" for the excellent disposition and organization.

And I don't want to forget the spectators because it is for them that we can go on stage.

I want to thank especially Miriam (direction) who falled in love with our proposal.

Also, I want to thank the people who came to listen this universal Austrian musician and had to stay outside because there wasn't enough capacity for all of them.

Ah! And I can't and don't want to forget the photos of the photographer Ricard Alonso for the Scena e pronta 2011, which capture with images something that can't be described with words. Thank you.



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