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THE JOY OF THE VOICE - Fitzmaurice Voicework®


This Thursday 9 July, at Eòlia (Superior School of Dramatic Arts) don't miss this workshop on method Fitzmaurice Voicework®, with Marta Fiol, lyric singer and musicotherapist.


To breath, to get to know our voice, to have fun making sounds, to express ourselves, to talk, to sing, to improvise, to create a little talking performance... We make sounds, we hum, mumble, sing, yell... Come to enjoy/feel/express yourself with your voice, in a journey with company. Share this game with other voices, we will get back together to the joy of the sound exploration. Knowledge of music or singing is not needed.


Workshop with Marta Fiol, singer and method's trainer

Thursday 9 July, from 17h to 21h (total of 4h)

Price: 38€


Eòlia - Tricicle + Dagoll Dagom

Superior School of Dramatic Arts

Dep. Oral expression and diction

Casp 82, ground floor - 08010 Barcelona


You can make contact directly with Marta Fiol: (Necessites javascript per veure aquest correu-e)


Marta Fiol

Lyric singer and musicotherapist, she is a certified professor of Fitzmaurice Voicework®. As a teacher she stress not only the connections between body, breathing, voice and feelings, but also the development of creativity and the pleasure of the talked and singed voice and the vocal improvisation. As an artist she has always taken interest in dramatic recitals and the classical cabaret, and she has been engaged in the dissemination of the contemporany music, releasing a lot of works. Her curiosity for the relationship between voice, music, and the different aspects of comunication have bring her to direct an editorial department, produce and direct educational shows and impart formation in various fields. At the moment, she is also candidate as a professor of the Feldenkrais Method.

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