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The BEATLES with SALSA, this summer with Montserrat Cristau!

Montserrat Cristau, singer
Montserrat Cristau, singer
Montserrat Cristau and DeliKtessen Sextet
Montserrat Cristau and DeliKtessen Sextet

Two suggestions very refreshing for the next weekend: Beatles in Vilafant and in l'Estartit. Come and dance!


Montserrat Cristau & DeliKtessen Sextet

We put "latin" versions of the classics of the Liverpool's quartet. Fresh versions and very danceable which will give a very summertime sound to this repertoire.

At the classical formation of piano, bass guitar, drums and voice, we add the latin percussion and a saxophone's high sound emulating at the great master Paquito D'Rivera.

On this occasion the band is formed for Santi Escura (piano), Manel Vega (bass guitar), Enrica Canada (percussion), Rafel Rostey (drums), Montserrat Cristau (voice) and Jordi Paulí (saxophone).


Where can you see us?

First of all, this weekend you will find us at:


15th musicals evenings in Vilafant 2015

"Beatles amb Salsa" (Beatles with Salsa)

10 July, at 22h.

Can Puig-Massanet Gardens

Free Entry



In the Beatles Weekend in l'Estartit 2015

"A Beatles Tribute"

12 July, at 21h.

Church Square





Check our agenda for this summer with more Beatles and other different programmmes; find out which one is more refreshing!  


Montserrat Cristau

Singer with a very versatile voice with a classical formation, but with an important influence from jazz and modern music. She has always been open to perform differents genres and styles, and to enjoy music in general, singing. She is an enthusiastic about opera, American musicals and jazz.

She started her formation as a musician and singer by the hand of his father and music Jaume Cristau. She finished her studies with Myriam Alió and Manuel Garcia Morante, at the Conservatori Superior Municipal de Música in Barcelona. She improved her knowledge with Jaume Aragall and Carme Bustamante, and also with various international courses. She has a speech therapy's formation and also in hygienist for the voice.

She performs periodically in various Festivals of music and theatres of Catalonia, Basque Country, Spain, France and Switzerland.

At the moment she combines her career as a singer, with the direction of EMMG (School of Modern Music of Girona) and as a teacher of singing and vocal technique.


As a warm-up: a video of Beatles with salsa


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