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We are already back, and with us, books. I hope they didn't disappear from your holidays, since they are great travel partners.

This summer I tried to read a book for pleasure, for hobby, not for work; even though, in short, it's the same because you always learn something. I have read THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Paula Hawkins, and I loved it. I devoured it in two days, and I understand why it has been one of the most sold this summer, so I recommend it and I congratulate the publishers who bet on it.


My other lectures have been "for work", although they don't stop being a pleasure, because I've read some of the things which are going to be published this autumn or the next spring, and I am excited because they are all good novels, with character, with powerful plot, by authors already consolidated who will be giving nice surprises. I'm persuaded of it!


And even though with this year it has been already 13 years I have been dedicating to the branch in an independent way, even now, when I read novels of my authors, I feel a little something in my stomach. I see that the novel has potential and my mind dreams with all the places where we could bring it, and, also, with all the things that we will be doing to work on it to the maximum so it can travel to all the possible countries around the world, to get the readers of everywhere carried away.


Maybe it seems to you ridiculous that I still feel excitement, but in our profession, hard and difficult, if you lose this, you lose everything. That's why, I love having this little emotion of impatience, like a little girl, every time I finish a novel and I see on it a lot of good things. This summer I felt this with everything I read, and I return happy, and with a lot of ideas to be able to help my authors and their novels to arrive to the final destination, the reader of any part of the world.


We will try with attitude, tenacity and strength. It's not easy amongst so many books, but nobody told us that it was easy, so, with all the batteries charged with good mood and excitement, we start. This year, they are coming novels about symbolic places in Barcelona, real stories which will captivate us, love stories of all kind, youth realistic novels and other ones very epics, and some literary surprises which will cause us to finish this year with a lot of work, which has never to be missing, and willing to share every novelty with all of you.


So, again in the train of the last trimester, the adventure starts once more with this attitude and this smile which characterise us. Happy return and I hope that you keep looking for the best novels which help us to be happier, no doubt about that.


"An eternal excitement, or at least one which revives often in the human soul, is very close to be a reality". André Mauroi


Sandra Bruna

Literary Agent

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