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New Japanese Literature Series by Lapislàtzuli Editorial.


Ko Tazawa and Lapislàtzuli Editorial invite you to the presentation of the two first books of this series. Wednesday, 9th September at 19:30h at the Espai Francesca Bonnemaison / Sant Pere més Baix, 7. Barcelona.


Dear friends,

In Lapislàtzuli Editorial we start a new Japanese literature series translated to Catalan by Ko Tazawa.

The number of Japanese authors translated to Catalan is very limited: Kawabata, Mishima, Ôe and Murakami mainly, besides they come from differents editorials and it is hard to place them in the general outlook of the Japanese literature.

Our goal, at the same time, is to facilitate the reading more or less organized chronologically of the main authors of Japanese literature. The dealed eras are Meji, Taishô and Shôwa (until 1966), having the literature knowledge of these periods will allow a better understanding of the present Japanese authors, like Haruki Murakami.

To facilitate the reading, there is included in each volume the informations about the author and the work pertinent, as well as a chronological table.

You can find these books and the rest that we have published in your trusted bookshop, Lapislàtzuli editorial facebook and our website.

A hug for you,

Lapislàtzuli Editorial


See published article in La Vanguardia 05.09.2015


We invite you to the presentation of the first two books:

A veure qui és més alt (Midori, una petita geisha) by Ichiyo Higuchi

Harakiri. El cas de la família Abe, by Ogai Mori

With the presence of Ko Tazawa, professor of Hosei University of Tokyo, writer, translator and director of this collection and Joaquim Pijoan, Premi Sant Jordi de Novel·la.


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