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Come on, in defense of culture!


The return from holidays also marks the start of a new school year. And after the summer interval, the Promoartyou's team is back with a lot of attitude and more energy than ever. It is with this spirit that we restart the work that we started the month of January of this year.


It makes us excited to say that, in these nine months, 198 artists and companies have registered in Promoartyou in almost all of the categories. And the first thing that we want to do is to express our gratitude for the trust. Thanks! Our goal is to keep working for what artists and companies of the cultural field need: diffusion and work.

At the moment, we have 30 artists and companies in the category of prominents ones. That means that 30 artists and companies have bet for the customized services that we offer. However, Promoartyou is a platform opened to everybody. This is our will: to create a place for the diffusion, a net for advertising and interchange to everybody who forms the cultural weave of our country.

We know that now it isn't a good moment. The 21% of IVA applied to the culture as a punishment, doesn't help. On the contrary, aggravates the unemployment tax in a sector already very punished by the crisis. But, although this is the aspect which attracts more the attention, we should also be aware that a political decision of these features comes from a very specific way of appreciating (or better said despising) the culture in the behalf of the ones who governs us.

Ramon Simó, when he introduced the Festival Grec 2015 this month of May, talked of a "process of discrediting the culture" in our country and pointed the media and the politic agents as mains responsibles. We totally agree with that. Because when culture is more valued for the economic benefit than anything else, it often stops being culture to become an impoverished and uniformising product of the spiritual life of a country. And this, besides, leaves in a precarious situation a lot of artists and little companies who have difficulties to difuse their work apart from the big "cultural" industry and who, therefore, also have difficulties to be able to earn their life.

From Promoartyou we understand that trying to fight this situation is also our work. In the defense of the culture we bet for both quality and variety. And it is this goal that gives meaning to the task that we started this 2015. Thanks to everyone! We keep going forward!


Promoartyou's team

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