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Ala Voronkova: Artist of the week at Promoartyou!

Ala Voronkova & Sara Rojo

The violin virtuoso, Ala Voronkova, has blown our statistics, performing in the next 10 days, 4 concerts with 4 different programmes and ending with the big show of the 24 Paganini's caprice. Supernatural?


Let's observe her schedule:


  • Saturday, 17th October at 21:30h, in the Foment Hortenc, c. Alt de Mariner, 15. Barcelona


  • Orquestra de Guitarres de Barcelona, dir. Sergi Vicente

    "Barroc - Classicisme"

It will be performed, amongst other things, "Winter" of the Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

  • Friday, 23rd October, at 20h / Oratori Sant Felip Neri de Gràcia. c. Sol, 8.


 "El violí des del barroc fins avui", works for two violins

It starts with two sonatas by J. Pla (Catalan baroque, the scores were found not long ago), they also perform a work "Helios", by Domènec de la Rubia written on purpose for this duo. And other romantic works from H. Wieniavskiy, Ch. Beriot, Spohr, of great virtuosity.

  • Saturday, 24th October 2015, 20h | Casal de barri Font d'en Fargues


"Grans delícies musicals per a violí i guitarra"

Ala Voronkova (violin) and Sergi Vicente (guitar)

Special chamber formation of violin and guitar. The reviews have said about this duo: "Sublime interpretation by the great Ukrainian violinist with the brilliant unpublished arrangements of the guitarist." They present delightful works by great authors of the Spanish music.


  • Tuesday, 27th October, at 20 h, at the Real Cercle Artístic de Barcelona. Carrer dels Arcs, 5.


"Els 24 Capricis de Niccolo Paganini"

"Paganini's (1782-1840) Caprices are 24 works for soloist violin of an extremely difficulty technique. It was said that, to perform them, Paganini had made a deal with the Devil, and besides, he could play them because he had 6 fingers in each hand.

When he died, just in case, the Church didn't accept him in a catholic cemetery and the corpse remained in a basement, and after some time he was be buried in Parma's cemetery, under the commands of the Parma's duchess herself.

Ala Voronkova doesn't have 6 fingers in her hands, which are little, and the Devil it is not there anymore.

The one who is there is an excellent violonist with a model technique for performing Paganini and an extraordinary courage for offering to us the 24 caprices by Paganini in just one concert."


See the article: "Helsinki's MUSIIKKITALO welcomes Ala Voronkova"


If you haven't seen play Ala Voronkova yet, you can miss all these chances!

Promoartyou's team

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