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We have alredy here BarnaSants!


The last 21st January BarnaSants 2016 began. In this 21st edition, which is going to take place until the 14th April, the festival offers a schedule dedicated to the author song with more than 100 concerts. This festival, according to its director, Pere Camps, looks for "a balance between the classics and the ones emerging" with "an intergenerational" will gathering the most prominent singer-songwriters in the Catalan Countries but also in Europe and Latin America.

Performances of Víctor Manuel, Sílvia Comes, Dominique A, Luis Pastor, Daniel Viglietti, Pau Alabajos, Joan Colomo, Flamaradas, Rozalén, Ismael Serrano, Marina Rossell and Maria Arnal & Marcel Bagés amongst others, which will take place mostly in Barcelona and Hospitalet de Llobregat, but also in Altafulla, Alcoi, Viladecans, Gelida, Terrassa, Sant Boi de Llobregat and Sant Sadurní d'Anoia.

In this edition, the festival proposes a special attention to Venezuela, with 4 concerts with artists from the country. And as an opening show the self-production "Jotes en el combat", a vindication "of one of the most ignored genres, not to say despised, of our musical tradition, the jota, in its Terres de l'Ebre version".

This edition's motto is "The only churches which light up are the ones which pay the light bill". An update of the anarchist slogan by Kropotkin and that Pere Camps has adapted to denounce "the energetic poverty which is lived in our country".

In the end, culture is neither a superfluous product nor a phenomenon which passes beyond the most harsh social realities. In our country the artists have been punished with a cultural VAT which above everything has sent them to unemployment. And it is not only the big cultural industry the one which has suffered the most with this measures. In this sense, "BarnaSants" wants also to be turned into a festival which fights for the vindication of the singer-songwriters and the culture form diversity and plurality. 

As Jordi Bianciotto says in the web of BarnaSants presenting the 2016 edition: "Acoustic or electric troubadours, urban or wild, alone or accompanied, some of them have in the festival an essential ally for their careers. Without BarnaSants, all of them would be a bit more unhappy. And so would be us."

From Promoartyou we congratulate them and we share it. BarnaSants is a big event! Don't miss it!

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