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Great homage by Joan Vázquez to Stephen Sondheim. We want more of it!

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We would tell you: "Go see him. Don't miss him!" But the only 8 performances which were scheduled at the Theatre Gaudí have finished already. When we will be able to listen to him again?

Once upon a time, many and many years ago, maybe more than twenty years ago, a girl with a classical formation discovered Sondheim. It was in Barcelona and it was with Sweeney Todd...

I was surprised, mostly because of the musical sophistication of that composer. Under a swing appearance, jazz chords and rock music instrumentation, there was the geometrical scheme and the wealth of language of the great classics.

It is not easy then to perform Sondheim from the inside of his own musical structure. That is, to sing it while there is a piano or an orchestra in the background very focused so everything is well fitted. This can be done with a certain tranquility. However, do what Joan Vázquez does that is to sing Sondheim, while he accompanies himself with the piano, he performs the polyhedron meaning of the words and he is on the lookout of giving sense to the unity of the show, it is not a simple thing, no; to be able to do this with Sondheim, dears, is a great ACHIEVEMENT!

We are in front then of a musician who is able to perform, by himself, all the monographic by a genius, like Sondheim.

Joan Vázquez is an excellent pianist who accompanies his own voice, a versatile voice which possesses a great wealth of harmonics: it reminds us the baritone timbre of Frank Sinatra, and he is able to hit some highs notes in a Mercury-like style as well.

His sense of show and the connection with the public is near and touching. Before every piece he makes an explanation which places us in front of what we are going to listen to next. His tribute to Sondheim is full of quotes by the author and it is a walk very well chosen through the majority of his most relevant musicals.

During this shows, Joan has made the wise choice to invite various singers (female and masculine voices of our musical panorama) in order to offer us samples of the most emblematic duets of the author. So, the spectators have had the pleasure to listen to Mone, Muntsa Rius, Daniel Anglès, Beàlia Guerra, Mariona Castillo, Nando González and Nina.

Promoartyou was present at the last show. That evening we were able to admire Joan, as a complete, total and undeniable musician. We vibrated with the sweetness of the voice and the dedication of Mariona Castillo (a young singer, amazing, who reminds me of July Andrews...). We were able to be accomplices of the great sense of show that Joan Vázquez possesses, creating expectancy when he made us listen through the speakers to some voice messages and sms that Nina and Nando sent, leaving quickly when they finished the Mamma Mia show, to come and close our show at the Gaudí. We were able to see an impressive duo of masculines voices with Joan Vázquez and Nando González and, finally, we were able to enjoy a Nina, who accompanied by Joan at the piano -in a precise and unique way which only the best pianists of repertoire know how to do-, shined exultant, in an interpretative and voice peak, in a way we are listening to her lately: better than ever.

The spectators ended clapping excitely. We leave to you some comments that we were able to gather at the exit of the show. BRAVO, JOAN!

Artists of this category have to be programmed. And after these nine shows at the Theater Gaudí, we would like to follow him anywhere where he performs. We will want to know his trajectory. We will want to applaud him.


Cristina Viñas

Promoartyou's Director

Some opinions gathered when we left the show:

"As Jesulín said, in two words, IM PRESSIVE. Marvelous composer, amazing pianist and extraordinary singer. Absolutely advisable, don't miss it, really, A LUXURY!!!!!"

C. Blasi

"It is an excellent pianist and singer, he performs greatly and in addition he explains himself very well; he made us enjoy the concert a lot. Besides, as a person he seems very simple and nice. Well, go listen to him and you can recommend him to anyone so they can enjoy him. Thank you for having scheduled this phenomenon".

R. Rius

"Very interesting. Really good. BRAVO! As a pianist he is a 10, as a musical's performer he takes you into the piece. He has a good voice... All in all, a very short hour and a half".

M. Surinyach



A little sample:


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