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  1. 15/10/2015
    Inauguration Friday 16th October 2015, in the setting of the VI Parlament Català de les Religions. CHURCH OF SANT DOMENEC. GIRONA
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  2. 27/05/2015
    Are we supposed to fear bibliopaths? Or maybe we should give them an award? Who are they? Atention! Because they can be among us, or we might even be one of them?! I invite you to read the Case of the Lacquer Binding to know more about them...
  3. 20/05/2015
    The bike riders from Sants reached my studio squeaking, rather than cycling! Tears, foxing, discolouration, brittleness, acidity… All these damages have been carefully restored in order to let the splendorous riders finish line at the Municipal Archive of Barcelona. They are almost centenarian… and yet they ride wild along the repository!
  4. 24/01/2015
    Stunning exhibition at MACBA (Barcelona), until the 22nd of February. Carol Rama doesn't left indifferent. We invite you to go there and explain to us your impressions. Here you have ours:
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  5. 10/12/2014
    Passing through Madrid, a visit to the National Library of Spain cannot be missed.
  6. 05/11/2014
    BluTack in papers? Never! Restoration of a document from industrial heritage with a stain from this adhesive, property of the Municipal Archive (Barcelona)
  7. 27/10/2014
    I don’t like much having war books, but I must admit that this one is particularly beautiful. The velvet binding seemed to me a challenging issue on the restoration, which did not have major complications besides this. I show the restoration of this book because of the headaches it has given me when solving the lost areas, the wooden work. The considerable losses on a laborious woodcarving work, and the lack of originals of many of the missing pieces fairly complicated the subject (the shields on the corners were different).
  8. 25/10/2014
    Do you remember how a couple of weeks ago we said that Marta Corcho is a digital artist who wins at least one state competition of posters for year? Well, the legend occurred again, this time with a second place at Zaragoza's Cinema Festival.
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  9. Restoration process
    This map is from 1936, spanish civil war was barely breaking. On the restoration proceeding it seems we are restoring also Catalonia itself!!!
  10. 29/09/2014
    To everyone, artists, athletes, and any kind of person who uses daily his muscles, bones and joints, we recommend to all of you to check this MUSCULOSKELETAL holosintesis. You can use it as a prevention to injuries, but also as an aid to heal it faster. It may be a great gift!
  11. 26/09/2014
    Did you know that Martha Corcho is a digital artist who lately, each year, wins a state contest of poster design ? Yes. A pro of digital design that puts many of her works for sale and available to everyone. Promoartyou is proud to have her in its directory and to present her latest project in an interview format.
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  12. 22/09/2014
    We are very pleased that "HOLOSINTESIS. HOMEOPATHY THROUGH IMAGES" has wanted to be part of the project Promoartyou. We have already had the opportunity to check their beneficial effects and now we want to extend them to all of you.
  13. 29/11/2013
    The Joan Miró Foundation is showing “Before the Horizon”, an exhibition that we highly recommend.