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  1. 04/07/2015
    Once more my love for the habaneras bring me to recommend you the following exhibition: The photographic glances of Irene López and Irene Sanz focus on the different instruments related with the habanera's world. Images which are artistic fragments of little musical instants. Minimalists, smalls portraits, which express the esteem that the two artists feel for this song of departure and return.
  2. 25/10/2014
    Do you remember how a couple of weeks ago we said that Marta Corcho is a digital artist who wins at least one state competition of posters for year? Well, the legend occurred again, this time with a second place at Zaragoza's Cinema Festival.
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  3. 23/09/2013
    After almost five years of work, it’s now time for the final countdown... Filming is to begin in five weeks time between Barcelona and Mumbai.
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