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Art and Awareness

Artistic and cultural news in first person

  1. 07/02/2016
    From Saturday 27th February to Saturday 5th March 2016. Place: Essaouira region (Morocco). With Carme Bosch.
  2. 24/09/2015
    I inform you that from this month of October we have increased our range of products and amongst others we now commercialise with roses water 100% natural, ecological and without preservatives.
  3. 05/07/2015
    This Thursday 9 July, at Eòlia (Superior School of Dramatic Arts) don't miss this workshop on method Fitzmaurice Voicework®, with Marta Fiol, lyric singer and musicotherapist.
  4. 21/12/2014
    How many times have we asked this question? Interesting article by Jordi A. Jauset based on the article by Mark Joseph Stern, “Brain in the news” , september 2014, Flight 21, # 8.
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  5. 11/12/2014
    Holosintesis - Homeopathy in images proposes to us an activation and balance of the third chakra, also known as SOLAR PLEXUS, or also MANIPURA CHAKRA, by means of his "miraculous" medallion. It is very effective, especially for those artists who are crossing a period with almost no strength, downcast or simply fatigue. A FANTASTIC GIFT, NOW THAT CHRISTMAS IS COMING!
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  6. 10/12/2014
    This time, our digital artist has moved away from cinema prizes and designed a poster winner for the International Day Against Gender Violence- Palencia (Castilla-León).
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  7. 05/11/2014
    BluTack in papers? Never! Restoration of a document from industrial heritage with a stain from this adhesive, property of the Municipal Archive (Barcelona)
  8. 25/10/2014
    Hisako Hiseki launches her ninth work. In this work she gives special attention to Takashi Yoshimatsu, another Japanese artist. This record will be only available in a digital version.
  9. Restoration process
    This map is from 1936, spanish civil war was barely breaking. On the restoration proceeding it seems we are restoring also Catalonia itself!!!
  10. 29/09/2014
    To everyone, artists, athletes, and any kind of person who uses daily his muscles, bones and joints, we recommend to all of you to check this MUSCULOSKELETAL holosintesis. You can use it as a prevention to injuries, but also as an aid to heal it faster. It may be a great gift!
  11. 22/09/2014
    We are very pleased that "HOLOSINTESIS. HOMEOPATHY THROUGH IMAGES" has wanted to be part of the project Promoartyou. We have already had the opportunity to check their beneficial effects and now we want to extend them to all of you.