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  1. 17/12/2019
    Review of the CD '20 Pieces for Solo Lute' on number 370 of Revista Musical Catalana, September-December 2019.
  2. 01/05/2018
    From the CD Review - "20 Pieces for Solo Lute", Sonograma Magazine, 29.04.18.
  3. 19/04/2018
    From the CD Review - "20 Pieces for Solo Lute", on CatClàssics and Diari de Sabadell, 14.04.2018.
  4. 01/02/2017
    "An exquisite performance perfumed with operatic nostalgia." David Rodríguez Cerdán, Critic & Musicographer (Scherzo, Academia Magazine)
  5. 17/01/2016
    We have prepared a selection of the concert that Hisako Hiseki gave in Tokyo. In the Hamarikyu Asahi hall, 16th April 2015, with works by Granados, Albéniz, Yoshimatsu and Brahms.
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  6. 14/10/2015
    The violin virtuoso, Ala Voronkova, has blown our statistics, performing in the next 10 days, 4 concerts with 4 different programmes and ending with the big show of the 24 Paganini's caprice. Supernatural?
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  7. 07/08/2015
    Video of Ala Voronkova and the Barcelona Metropolitan Orchestra performing the Concerto No.3 of W.A.Mozart. Conductor: Roberto Laborda
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  8. 06/07/2015
    Quim Bonal is going to travel this week to Los Angeles invited by the school of Music Vision Studios for advanced students. He will make two concerts: Saturday 11 July at the Lutheran church "Prince of Peace" in Covina and 18 July at "Stanway Gallery" in Pasadena.
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  9. 17/02/2015
    Enrique Granados’ long-lost masterpieces Cant de les Estrelles [Song of the stars] and Escena Religiosa [Religious Scene] will be given their Australian Premieres in the magnificent Verbrugghen Hall at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, on the 24th March 2015 at 7pm.
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  10. 17/02/2015
    Alex Alguacil performs the complete version of Prokofiev's Visions Fugitives, recorded in one single take.
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  11. 12/02/2015
    Thanks to the public (and specially to those who were left without an entrance)
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  12. 12/02/2015
    From the teachers who give the National Singing Course at the Bogotá University, this year I have the pride to be the vocal soloist who will open this new call, making an exhibition of opera and zarzuela, with the "National Symphonic Orchestra of Colombia", under the direction of the great Chilean director José Luis Domínguez.
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  13. 10/12/2014
    The pianist was invited to the public television network NHK: "ら ら ら ♪ ク ラ シ ッ ク" (La, la, la, ♪ Classic), dedicated in present classical music.
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  14. 03/11/2014
    Jordi Savall truly thanks the jury of the prize and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports for their acknowledgement of over 40 years devoted to the recovery and spreading of music and as a power and language of civilisation and harmony, but has rejected the prize by letter addressed to the minister José Ignacio Wert.
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  15. 27/10/2014
    Guerassim Voronkov is about to finish his tour conducting the great tenor Rolando Villazón and the new lyric discovery: the South African soprano Pumeza Matshikiza.
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  16. 25/10/2014
    Hisako Hiseki launches her ninth work. In this work she gives special attention to Takashi Yoshimatsu, another Japanese artist. This record will be only available in a digital version.
  17. 09/05/2014
    I’ve always thought that playing the piano was as easy as sitting and putting both hands upon the keyboard. Crazy illusion. My intuition couldn’t be more wrong.
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  18. 06/08/2013
    The pianist returns home after 10 years in New York and pays homage to two of our most present-day composers