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What's Promoart?

Is a network of professional artists and cultural companies

Created to facilitate the exchange between artists and promoters.


And that is organized as follows:


1. Open and selfpublishing magazine

For free, unfiltered publishing of all cultural proposals and developments without intermediaries. Promoartyou is an open platform where you can find news from the artists themselves. 

Artists’ dossier and search engine

In Promoartyou, each artist or company has a customised file containing a presentation, bio, photo gallery, audio and video samples and contact details. This dossier is public and free.

3. Showcase and catalog

Where you can exhibit artistic work both as ephemeral material, you want to sell: CDs, DVDs, paintings, sculptures, books, art objects, programs, proposals, projects, courses, ...

Promoart does direct sales nor is any commission. Refer the buyer to the direction the artist decides.

4. Calendar of events

Where to advertise events and actions. Date and place of shows, concerts, presentations, exhibitions, conferences, courses, fairs, meetings, ...


Who can join?

Artists of all disciplines

And to all the people, agents or companies dealing in art and culture. 


What is the purpose?

Artists overcome the great barrier to the diffusion and promotion when trying to publish in the usual media (press, radio and TV).

And that they can also promote to sell his work and be hired.

We want artists to work.

Diffusion + Promotion = Sales + Contracting