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Cristina Viñas

How I can help? I am a cultural promoter and creator of this website. But, especially, I am also Polarity therapist and artistic coach. For any blockages or problems, do not hesitate: call me please!
Born in Barcelona in 1963. Graduate in Philosophy, Expert in Cultural Management and Expert in Direction of Cultural Institutions and Entertainment Production. I have been also a singer and choir conductor. For 20 years, I am dedicated to Cultural Management. I have worked as Technical Coordinator and the Department of Culture of the Generalitat (Gouvernement) of Catalonia, Manager of the Youths Choral Federation, and also as Artists Manager; to have come finally to create this website. The other part of me is different but complementary: passionate about holistic energy medicine, I am therapist in Polarity Therapy and Coach, specializing in Artists and in Life Management and Change. What I can do for you?