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Mercedes Delclós

Music and poetry. Composition and interpretation for voice and piano from texts by different poets in the project “Poèsica 2”. I realize resonant spaces with image for original poetic presentations. I work in the vocal experimentation inside the “Art sonor” speciality. I realize musical compositions for pre-school and elementary school.

Mercedes Delclós has an extensive professional career in his step for music and poetry. 

She has a large number of activities and performances in his curriculum such as having sung at "Greek 88" or at the Olympic Arts Festival with María del Mar Bonet. 

She has also worked as a vocal technique and interpretation teacher, and she has also made several singing lessons as ‘Veu a Capella’ 

She has made several compositions for major works at the National Theatre of Catalonia such as 'Fuente Ovejuna' by Lope de Vega.

Besides, she also works as a poet and has realized several works and compositions from different poems and texts. It could be highlighted the book child with music called 'Animalari’

Nowadays she is also working on vocal experimentation within the expertise of ’Art sonora’.