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Alex Alguacil is able to thrill with his latest contemporary premières

Photo caption: At the concert in Girona Cathedral Cloisters

The pianist returns home after 10 years in New York and pays homage to two of our most present-day composers

Alex Alguacil is a musician who is committed not only to the technical quality of his performances but also to the invisible message that all well-created work of art must exude. Àlex is able to understand and sense the intensions of the composer, transmitting them in a way that thrills his audience.

Proof of this was published in the Magazine Ritmo in July 2013 in a report on the recording by the musician of the piece for piano by the composer Salvador Brotons (CD published by Columna Música)

We must also highlight the première of the piece for piano by Hector Parra that he played at the Girona Cathedral Cloisters concert on 3rd July as part of the “Nits de Clàssica de l'Auditori” Festival. The "Carícies cap al Blanc" is an extraordinary, extremely well-constructed and flowing piece fully of registers, which Alex Alguacil was able to capture and reveal to perfection, leaving the audience enthralled.

Finally, we would also like to mention the great première of "Echoes" Toccata for solo piano and orchestra by Xavier Pagès, which he performed with the OBC, at Palau de Congressos de Tarragona.

We believe that our composers would be unable to find a better piano player than this great musician, a man full of vitality and a friend to everyone as is Àlex Alguacil.

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