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MUSCULOSKELETAL HOLOSINTESIS, a great aid to artist's injuries at dance, circus...

Musculoskeletal pattern applied on tissues (wristbands, ankles supports, necktubes,...)
The therapy's application on the stretcher
Deveopment of the Arnica pattern

To everyone, artists, athletes, and any kind of person who uses daily his muscles, bones and joints, we recommend to all of you to check this MUSCULOSKELETAL holosintesis. You can use it as a prevention to injuries, but also as an aid to heal it faster. It may be a great gift!

Which are the benefits of MUSCULOSKELETAL holosintesis?

It is inspired and composed by plants as Arnica, Hypericum, Pulsatilla, Artemisia, which favour blood flow and the reduction of tissues' inflammation.

Equally, the emotional treatment of stress also helps to loosen and clean our energy.


With the use of this you can achieve many things:

  • To relax and reduce the inflammation of muscular tissues and joints.
  • To lighten muscular and articular pains.
  • To recover hematomas.
  • To remove memories about pain.
  • To speed up the recovery from blows, pain, nervous tension...


Ana María Álvarez (professional ballet dancer) wrote this to us, and we want to share it with you:

"Hello! My name is María Álvarez and I have been using holosintesis as a treatment for more than three years now. I am a professional ballerina at Boston's Ballet and I have had many serious lesions in my career because of the daily strong training that we do. Amongst them I have had some bonds fractures and break of the muscular fibres.

My father gave to me my medallion when my left foot's metatarsus broke. My medallion is the 'Musculoskeletal' kind, which assists the blood flow and the reduction of tissues inflammation, and also the relaxation and the reduction of inflammation of the muscular tissue and bonds.

What I did was to place the medallion over the injured area, and let the light of a torch or a lamp to reflect the medallion's drawing on my skin. I did this every day for one or two hours, and when I finished I hung it on my neck for the rest of the day, even when I was sleeping.

I started to notice the difference very soon, and I felt that this technique was helping my bone to heal thanks to the vibratory energy.

Since then, every time where I have a problem or a injury I use it without a doubt. I hope that many people will be inspired to try and use this kind of therapies.

Thank you."


With this musculoskeletal image we have also created some ankle supports, wristbands, necktubes or neck warmers (for cervicals, lumbars,...), carpets, T-shirts,...


To acquire these products, we recommend you to go into the web and on-line shop of holosintesis.


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