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How is your THIRD CHAKRA, the main chakra of ARTISTS?

THIRD CHAKRA - Manipura. Confidence

Holosintesis - Homeopathy in images proposes to us an activation and balance of the third chakra, also known as SOLAR PLEXUS, or also MANIPURA CHAKRA, by means of his "miraculous" medallion. It is very effective, especially for those artists who are crossing a period with almost no strength, downcast or simply fatigue. A FANTASTIC GIFT, NOW THAT CHRISTMAS IS COMING!


The 3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus/Manipura Chakra

First of all, let's see what our friends of holosintesis explain to us:


The third chakra is related to personal power. It is reflected in assuming your own life, and the ability of action and selfconfirmation in front of the world.

Holosintesis of the THIRD CHAKRA - Manipura

This chakra is associated with yellow and it is located in the solar plexus. Its functions are related to the digestive system and, symbolically, with the inner fire of each one. Its element is fire. The third chakra is related to personal power. It is reflected in assuming your own life, the ability of action and selfconfirmation in front of the world. It is the energy center related to self-confidence. This impulse helps us to take decisions and confront risks, to establish boundaries and needs in front of ourselves and the others, and it gives us will of success. It is related to the principles which we decide to live with.


And if you are an artist, we must add that the third chakra is the one of the first connection with the joining that comes from the umbilical cord. Any artist who has to go on stage and needs to find that connection between his emotions and the ideal way to trasnmit them, needs to have the solar plexus very opened. An imbalance or a closing of the area can lead to a suffering for the artist, who will see this turns into: very little inspiration, insecurity, sadness, fatigue, inconstancy, fragility,... However, a good activation of this spot is going to lead to find the own strenght and ability, both pshysical and expressional.

The artist who has the third chakra in good movement will perceive security on stage and feel that he controls perfectly the situation. He will feel in top shape and fulfilled in his activity. He will also feel an expression ability and will perceive that he catches the attention of others, that he reaches the audience. He will know how to direct with strenght and power any kind of emotion, whether it is a negative or a positive one. So, he will see how his health gets strengthen. He will be protected against adversity.

Another feature is that we irradiate vibration and light from this area. To have this area actived makes us feel secure and with inner power, at the same time we irradiate it outside (centrifuge strength), a quality so required for an artist, whatever his speciality is. The artist feels iluminated and in a certain state of grace shared with the audience.

So the third chakra is the first required step to success.

Wear this medallion hanging on your neck qhen you go on stage and you will see!


Cristina Viñas

Director of Promoartyou, coach and therapist of energy medicine


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