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  1. 24/09/2015
    We are living a complex political situation and things are growing.
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  2. 07/09/2015
    Ko Tazawa and Lapislàtzuli Editorial invite you to the presentation of the two first books of this series. Wednesday, 9th September at 19:30h at the Espai Francesca Bonnemaison / Sant Pere més Baix, 7. Barcelona.
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  3. 04/09/2015
    We are already back, and with us, books. I hope they didn't disappear from your holidays, since they are great travel partners.
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  4. 27/05/2015
    Are we supposed to fear bibliopaths? Or maybe we should give them an award? Who are they? Atention! Because they can be among us, or we might even be one of them?! I invite you to read the Case of the Lacquer Binding to know more about them...
  5. 16/10/2013
    A Nobel Prize for a life.
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