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  1. 25/10/2014
    Do you remember how a couple of weeks ago we said that Marta Corcho is a digital artist who wins at least one state competition of posters for year? Well, the legend occurred again, this time with a second place at Zaragoza's Cinema Festival.
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  2. Restoration process
    This map is from 1936, spanish civil war was barely breaking. On the restoration proceeding it seems we are restoring also Catalonia itself!!!
  3. 29/09/2014
    To everyone, artists, athletes, and any kind of person who uses daily his muscles, bones and joints, we recommend to all of you to check this MUSCULOSKELETAL holosintesis. You can use it as a prevention to injuries, but also as an aid to heal it faster. It may be a great gift!
  4. 26/09/2014
    Did you know that Martha Corcho is a digital artist who lately, each year, wins a state contest of poster design ? Yes. A pro of digital design that puts many of her works for sale and available to everyone. Promoartyou is proud to have her in its directory and to present her latest project in an interview format.
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  5. 25/09/2014
    We recommend this accommodation to all of those artists who have to come to Barcelona for rehearsals, concerts, exhibitions, meetings or, if you wish, just for leisure and tourism.
  6. 22/09/2014
    We are very pleased that "HOLOSINTESIS. HOMEOPATHY THROUGH IMAGES" has wanted to be part of the project Promoartyou. We have already had the opportunity to check their beneficial effects and now we want to extend them to all of you.
  7. 22/09/2014
    Mendelssohn op 39. Motets Songs for choi and jazz trio by K Shaw
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  8. 09/05/2014
    I’ve always thought that playing the piano was as easy as sitting and putting both hands upon the keyboard. Crazy illusion. My intuition couldn’t be more wrong.
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  9. 23/09/2013
    After almost five years of work, it’s now time for the final countdown... Filming is to begin in five weeks time between Barcelona and Mumbai.
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  10. 02/09/2013
    The singer, who lives in Barcelona, proposes two very special proposals: "Homenatge a Whitney Houston" (Homage to Whitney Houston) and "Honrando mis raices" (Honouring my Roots)
    Saved under: Music, Jazz
  11. 06/08/2013
    The pianist returns home after 10 years in New York and pays homage to two of our most present-day composers
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