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Multiplying the broadcasting effect by 10

Promoart is both a social and a professional network. Not only will your contacts see you, but also the contacts of all registered artists.

In just a short time, you can multiply the visitors to your own website or to your events tenfold.

Our newsletter has already reached 12,000 and professional directions

Promoart sends newsletters with news of the magazine, the events calendar and Showcase  to all programmers and public interested in current art and culture. Our database is carefully targeted to fully avoid spam. You will only receive the information that is of interest to you. 

Saving time

When an item of news is first posted on this site, it will automatically appear on the Promoart Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Pinterest page, as well as on the artist's own platforms: Facebook, Twitter,...

Showcase to exhibit and sell your work

Promoart is not involved in direct sales, nor does it take any commission on the subsequent purchases. It merely offers a large, specialist showcase with public exposure.

International exchange insured

You can arrive to the promoters both locally and on a national and international level. The Promoart platform is edited in Catalan, Spanish and English and is designed to promote artistic exchange between countries. 

Feedback with the public

News and articles can be commented on by all users. The artist or company can advertise any offers it sees fit and can communicate directly with their audience and receive their ratings.