Professional network of artists and cultural industries


We are a team of artists and cultural managers with over 25 years of experience in the sector. We are not a machine or a computer program. We are real people and respond to offer a service and meet your needs.

We have created an easy tool to boost the artistic sector in these three areas: publicity, contracting and the sale of work, which is most of interest, encouraging direct contact with the audience and their opinions.

Although as professionals we offer services that include the organisation of cultural events, management, coaching, courses and workshops, we are also a link. Our pool of professionals is able to cover whatever we are unable to do so that nobody does without the service needed.

We believe in cooperation, respect and freedom, which is why we created Promoartyou.

Reaching out to you.

Cristina Viñas

  • Creator and Director of PromoArtYou
  • Degree in Philosophy and Master’s degrees in Cultural Management, Cultural Organisation Management and Performance Production.
  • Coach and Polarity Therapist (energy therapy)
  • Musician, singer and choirmaster

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Roser Atmetlla

  • Writing of Editorials and Interviews at PromoArtYou
  • Writer. Writing and literary workshop teacher.
  • Philosophy professor.

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Montserrat Tolosa

  • Organisation of events, management and communication at Promoartyou 
  • Creator and director of the company Trivium, gestió Cultural

Eulàlia Comas

  • Coordination, administration and accountancy at Promoartyou
  • Marketing and administration at Trivium, gestió cultural

And a large pool of cultural managers, managers and friends who work closely with us to ensure no artist is left unattended.